Sneak Peek: Josh & Becky's North Devon Wedding

Becky told me at the start of the day that she recently had a dream where she got her wedding pictures back and there were none of her. Did her dream descend into a nightmare? Did she wake up screaming? No, dream Becky just thought it was “a bit of a shame”. This sums up just how chilled out this couple were. (Note that I did actually manage to get one or two photographs of Becky.)

Now if I don’t have at least two similar wedding stress-dreams per week, something is not right. But I found myself totally unstressed throughout the entire day and that is down to the incredible planning and attitudes of these two heroes! When we talked in the run up, they didn’t have loads to tell me about the day. But then as we chatted more, bit by bit, they started remembering little things they had created and planned before we all realised that all these little bits and pieces were going to come together to make an incredible, gorgeous day! Sure enough, when yesterday came around, my mind was blown multiple times. I must have seemed like a child who’d had too much sugar, especially when the bike came out!

Anyone who has seen how I dress will know that I am no fashion expert, but no one can deny that leather jackets + dresses are a next level combo. This is to say that Becky and her bridesmaids undoubtedly came through with the hottest look of 2019. If you are cold, you can put the jacket on. If you want to do something cool, you can dramatically take it off and throw it down. If you are reading this and are planning a wedding, put ‘leather jackets’ second on your to-do list (behind booking me, obviously).

It was so lovely to catch up with this gang again after shooting Georgie and Greg’s wedding last year. It was also fantastic meeting Josh’s friends and family. Combined, it was an absolutely amazing collection of people!

Josh & Becky - Wow, what can I say? You two really nailed this. I will definitely be getting you to plan the day and make hula hoops/flower arches for my wedding in the distant future! Thank you so much for such an intensely cool day and for being so fun to shoot. Seeing you two cruise in on the motorbike in your wedding garms was straight up one of the coolest things I have seen a couple do!

If anyone has any tips for how I can be this cool, please send them over.

Dress - Always and Forever Bridal

Leather Jacket Art - Yesterday’s Youth

Suits - Cordells

Hair - Jo Cadogan

Makeup - Shelly at Botanical Beauty

Flowers - Sweet Williams

Marquee - Lee House Marquees

Bar - New Coast Liquor

Food - H&A Catering

Band - The Rasscals