Do you want a photographer that shoots weddings for money, or for the joy of it?

Put simply: I love what I do. If this stops being true for shooting weddings, you will find me elsewhere.

A genuine passion for providing you with beautiful, fun and emotionally rich images means that they aren’t imitations or short lived trends. I know you don’t want gimmicky shots that look cheesy in 5 years. You want timeless images that are worthy of that prime real estate hanging spot in your house!

Your set of photographs will be primarily documentary and candid style with a sprinkling of fine art shots. These are the images you will look back and smile at. That being said, the traditional formal family photographs are important to many people and of course, we can capture them too.

Do you want to know the number one thing I hear from couples before the big day?

"Just so you know, we aren't very comfortable in front the camera".

I will let you in on a secret. The couples you see looking so natural and happy in my portfolio are those same couples who were nervous about doing so. 

You may think I am at the wedding as your photographer. You are wrong. 

I am there to make sure you are comfortable, having a great time and to help the day run smoothly. 

I will probably take a couple of photographs as well…

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Below is a little breakdown of my favourite types of shots to get. There are even more on display if you head over to my blog!





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