Sneak Peek: Ross and Naomi's Wedding at Rockbeare Manor

This was one of the loudest weddings I have shot in all the best ways! That being said, it was not always so loud as when I arrived for bride prep, it was rather pleasant to find some real smooth jazz blessing the room.

In short order, I somehow found myself having to explain to the bridesmaids that I would not be putting the brides dress on (don’t ask), and I then realised just how fun the day was going to be. Some people prefer having just a couple of bridesmaids, but Naomi went full beans and decided to have a proper squad which meant hilarity from the get-go.

Ross did not skimp on the groomsmen either, with a large posse in tow. These boys had the energy and the chat to match the girls which made my entire morning absolutely hilarious.

Now I did say this crowd were loud so let me explain. Usually when the couple seal the deal of the marriage with a kiss (cute), the guests cheer and applaud. However, when these two were proclaimed husband and wife, a full on riot started. Note to people reading this who are planning weddings - invite enthusiastic friends, it is GREAT. All being said, these two have been together twelve years now and actually live in Australia so you would somewhat expect their friends and family to go nuts when they finally tied the knot back in the UK!

The guests kept this energy up all day, it really was a fantastic crowd and I think I chatted with pretty much everyone there! Shout out also to two of my lovely friends from my time working in Val d’Isère who I happened to bump into at this wedding!

Naomi and Ross are two of the nicest, kindest and most well mannered people. Actually, well mannered sounds like they were super polite, which they were, but the thing I am really trying to get at is what amazing, well rounded personalities they both have.

When couples match my energy, I go up a level, and I already shoot at a high level of energy. These two didn’t just match my excitement, they may have even exceed it. Safe to say we had DANGEROUS levels of fun every time I took them off for a few minutes. It truly was just non stop laughs and I think the pictures show! Their enthusiasm and trust meant that I had the confidence to try some super cool shots that, I feel, really paid off!

Naomi and Ross, I had an unbelievably fun day, thank you SO much for everything. It meant so much to me when you explained your struggle to find the photographer you wanted and I am so pleased you did find me! Thank you also to all the friends and family who made the day so memorable for me.

I think this goes without saying but - keep it spicy everyone.

Venue - Rockbeare Manor

Dress - Wed2Be

Flowers - Flowers By Wendy

Hair - Olivia Baker-Dunn

Makeup - Olivia Cuffy / Kaisha Holl

Band - Soul Solutions