Sneak Peek: Ali & Tom's Wedding at Windout Barn

I have been excited for this wedding for rather a long time. My excitement was well placed as this was an unapologetically incredible day.

I started with the boys where I met one of the most gorgeous dogs of all time. Anyone who knows me could tell you that my favourite variety of dog is a slightly chunky brown lab. George fit this description perfectly and I really had to focus to not get lured into stroking him for the entire day. Safe to say I did actually manage to take some pictures and ended up having a dangerously fun time with Tom and his groomsmen, who were all incredibly welcoming and outright hilarious.

I then headed over to the venue where I was immediately blown away by just about everything I saw. Having grown up in Devon, countryside venues are very much my thing and this was the ultimate countryside venue. Being a working farm year round means that Windout Farm is not a venue mascaraing as rustic; it really is authentic. The whole place has so much character and it was decorated to perfection, huge shout out to the couple and their friends/family who helped set up - it really did look and feel beautiful!

If you are reading this, are planning a wedding and aren’t religious, please consider a independent celebrant led wedding. Ali and Tom went for this option and it really was something special. The ceremony was both captivating for those watching, and particularly meaningful for the couple. I came out of it feeling like I knew the couple so much better, it really was deep in the best of ways! They had a sand ceremony, passed the rings around for all their guests to bless and tied the literal knot, I did had to forgo the pictures of these parts in the sneak peek as I struggled keeping it to a remotely reasonably length!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get much better, the speeches blew me away. They were all absolutely incredible and were delivered so, so well. Noel Edmonds even made an appearance which I don’t suspect anyone saw coming.

My favourite part of the day though, had to be my second time stealing the couple for a few photographs. After somehow convincing them to get in adjacent bath tubs, I asked if they minded heading somewhere up the road for some photographs. They replied with something along the lines of ‘YOLO’ (but much more poetic and classy) to which I bundled them in my tiny car. On the way, Tom got very excited when he asked if we were going to the ‘Gladiator field’. If you don’t know what this is, check this out. Safe to say I was indeed planning on taking them to said field, however I wasn’t planning on playing the soundtrack to that part of the film out of my phone. Tom had other plans though which made for one of the most surreal, hilarious shoots of all time which somehow spiralled into more and more fantastic ridiculousness. Wheat sharks anyone?

Ali and Tom - from our first Skype I knew this was going to be an incredible day with two incredible people. You absolutely did not disappoint and despite nearly dying of exhaustion, I had an unbelievable day. Some might even say that a wedding photographer is not meant to have as much fun as I did. You, your guests and family, the venue, the weather, the food - everything was truly fantastic, thank you SO much.

However, let’s make a deal. Next time - hella Llamas.

Venue - Windout Barn - I really would love to shoot more of this venue as it is truly gorgeous. The owners/staff are amazing too!

Dress - The Wedding Company

Flowers - The wonderful Roberta Emmott of The Good Florist

Hair - Hair by Natasha Jane

Make up- Kimberley Dewar through Changing Faces - Lovely to see you again!

Cake- The Cake Lady

Band- Agent Joe - Lovely, talented chaps

Cake of Cheese - The Cheese Shed

Celebrant - Kim Murray

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