Sneak Peek: Caroline & Pierre's Wedding at Barons Hill Farm

As any of my couples know, I try to bring a lot of energy to the day. But finally, my energy was matched by this amazing couple!

Caroline and Pierre had my favourite kind of wedding - the type where you are already married. What do I mean by this? Well, in my eyes, a wedding is best when it is personalised and getting ‘officially’ married prior to the day means you can have a much more personal and creative ceremony in front of all of your friends and family. It isn’t for everyone but it certainly is for me, I LOVE seeing this. Caroline’s sister, Michelle, held the gorgeous ceremony and they ended it by dancing up the aisle to ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’ donning Blues Brother shades!

Pierre is Swedish and so there were plenty of Swedish elements incorporated into the day. My favourite had to either be the drinking songs or the ‘Swedish Speeches’. This is something that really has to take hold over here as it was so lovely. Any one can give a speech while people are eating, meaning that the couple would get to hear stories, well wishes and even limericks from their guests that they may not hear otherwise. No one has to yet anyone can give a Swedish speech, it was always followed by a raucous “Skål!" which means ‘Cheers’ in Swedish!

It was almost dangerous getting me and this couple together for portraits! One minute we were sprinting up hills, the next minute we were doing cartwheels. Believe it or not, the couple even mastered the art of flight at one point! You will see what I mean…

I was also privy to a private first dance rehearsal which blew me away. Even after having seen this, I was still amazed, and even a little overcome with emotion, when I shot the actual first dance. What an incredible effort!

Caroline and Pierre, thank you so much, this was a really special wedding for me. All of your hard work meant that it was a truly gorgeous and seriously cool wedding to be a part of. Not only this, but you and all of your guests were incredibly warm and funny to me - I had three compliments on my tie which is a record!

Venue - Barons Hill Farm

Flower Arrangements - Caroline’s Mum

Bouquets & Button Holes - South Brent Flowers

Dress - Brighton Belle from Luna Daisy Bridal

Band - Blue Jewel Ceilidh

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