Sneak Peek: Matt & Caroline's Wedding at Deer's Leap Retreat

Well wasn’t this a cracking day?

It’s rare that I get to finesse my limbo skills at a wedding but it is even rarer that you find a couple like Matt & Caroline. In addition to being absolutely lovely, genuine people that were super fun to shoot, these two went out of their way all day to try and make sure I was having a good time. However they need not have as I loved the whole thing!

Matt and Caroline planned their day how I always recommend to people: they did it their way. You don’t need to plan your big day to be like others you have been to and this is what they drew from - what they had and hadn't liked from previous weddings they had seen. Gone were the afternoon hunger pains of the guests as an outright delicious, casual lunch was served straight after the ceremony. This meant that people could relax and enjoy the whole afternoon playing games and having one or two (or eight) beverages. They also went for speeches outside which, put simply, does not happen nearly enough. These sounds like small things but the effect it had on the day was huge; it was such a cool, playful, relaxed vibe and I think everyone would agree.

Not only was it a super fun and stylish day but it was absolutely full of people that I genuinely felt like I had always been friends with. I love chatting to guests in down time but it is not often I end up having such deep, personal and hilarious chats. All of this meant that I had an absolutely amazing time from start to finish; it is really special when you are made to feel like a guest!

Matt & Caroline - Thank you SO much for such a heartwarming day - no lie my cheeks are still hurting from smiling so much. I will definitely try to link with you for Lewes Bonfire!

Now, I am going to say this one final time, if only just to get it out of my system -

We chillin.

Venue - Deer’s Leap Retreat - A fantastic venue that I would love to shoot more at!

Dress - Rachel Ash Bridalwear

Flowers - Brompton Buds

Hair & makeup - Liz Parkins

Cake - Bespoke Baking

Food - Devon Catering

Fireworks - Sonic Fireworks

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