Sneak Peek: Laura & Glen's Wedding at Rockbeare Manor

This day can simply be described by the number of fist pumps it prompted - and it wasn't just the couple. I too was endlessly fist pumping (sometimes mentally, sometimes physically) as I was just capturing banger after banger!

For starters, the flower garage/factory not only smelled glorious, but was amazing to shoot for a number of reasons. Then the couple would not stop doing super photogenic things, both before and after the ceremony. Finally, there was that sunset.

Now, I have seen some extraordinary sunsets in my four years shooting weddings, but this one was truly unreal. We sure did have to wait for it, but wow did it deliver.

It was not just the pictures that made this day special for me. The couple were absolutely lovely and serious fun to spend time with. After five minutes of bride prep with Laura and the girls, I almost felt like an honorary bridesmaid (bridesman?)! And after hearing Glen’s amazing speech, I almost felt like I was on that stag do with the boys, but actually I was fairly glad I wasn’t, at least not in his role.

Laura and Glen, it was a true pleasure being a part of your wedding. As I said, you were both so, so fun to spend the day with, it was an added bonus that I got to make great photographs with you!

Final note : Glen, as requested, your international professional modelling contract is in the post. If you could sign it and return it to me that would be great, just don’t read the small print.

Venue - Rockbeare Manor

Second Shooter - Oli Pestell

Dress - Pirouette, Exeter

Suits, bowties and shoes - Zebel Bespoke

Flowers - Jane Wonnacott

Hair - Kate Bennington

Makeup - Sophie White MUA

Cake - Cut Me Off A Slice

DJ - Bespoke Disco

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