Sneak Peek: Heather & Mark's Wedding at The Corn Barn

If anyone is ever unlucky enough to marry me, it will be under a huge tree in the middle of an orchard. As you probably guessed, this is what Heather and Mark did and it was absolutely gorgeous. To make it even more incredible, they surprised their guests by having a friend be their officiant which is something I cannot recommend enough. I always find this so beautifully personal and every time it strikes a chord with me that this is exactly how all ceremonies should be.

It was really nice to catch up with Dani & Ryan, whos wedding I shot last year, and their squad. For those who know - I decided to keep that photo far away from my website but fear not, Heather and Mark will have the pleasure of viewing it when they receive the full set.

This was actually the 100th wedding I have photographed, meaning I have seen a lot of speeches. However, I have never before seen anything quite as creative as the best men speech. Chaps, you absolutely nailed it, I had to really work hard to focus on taking pictures rather than watching!

In another turn of events that I don’t usually (never) see - first dance was followed by a mass drinking game. This was hilarious to watch and seriously fuelled people to get on the dance floor immediately afterwards which, although not necessarily the intention, was pure genius.

Heather and Mark were one of those couples that fully trusted my vision and had way too much fun in whatever they did. It was so, so fun to spend the day with them and had I not been so exhausted and sunburnt, I would love to have taken up their offer and stayed. Thank you both for a killer day!

All the best,


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