Sneak Peek: Dena & Matt's Wedding at Dartington Hall

What an unreal day this was! You could have mistaken the theme of Dena and Matt’s day for having been ‘style with ease’ but clearly the style came so easily it didn’t need to be the theme. But not only was it a gorgeous occasion; the couple and all their guests were truly lovely and were constantly making me laugh throughout the day.

Although my main thing is catching candid moments, I do get excited when there are pretty details to be snapped. Every part of the day was done so gracefully but the room setup for the meal was without a doubt the most beautiful I have seen and so I really went to town on it, I could have included so many more in this peek!

These two were actually these three if you include the gorgeous, and ever adorable, Leo. However, they are four if you are to include the little one that is on the way! They announced this during the speeches which literally gave me chills. It was such a fantastic way to do it - the room went wild!

I also gathered from the speeches that the groom’s dancing was something to behold. I wasn’t sure what this meant but I was very impressed when the time came. True it was tough to watch for long, but I stand by it - impressive.

Dena and Matt, thank you so much for having me, you were so, so easy and fun to shoot and I really loved hearing your stories and about the hilarious things Leo comes out with!

Also massive thanks to (insert nickname relating to a particularly unfavourable historic figure) for absolutely slaying the group shot organisation.

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