Sneak Peek: Billy & Megan's Wedding at Upton Barn

I do my best to not write about the weather in these posts as there are few things less interesting. However, when the rain stops and the sun comes out for the exact duration of the ceremony, I am willing to break this rule to say how absolutely amazing this was.

Billy and Megan were so, so lovely and were an absolute pleasure to spend the day with. I honestly felt like a guest at times which a testament to how welcoming they and their guests were. In addition, they trusted my vision entirely. This is such a blessing when, for instance, you want to whisk a couple away to a spot, where you have to dodge a forest of stingy nettles, on a hunch that the sunset will be worthwhile!

Aside from being told that I am just like Bear Grylls, this was a perfect day. The only thing that could have made it any better would have been the presence of Hugo, their gorgeous Cocker Spaniel. That being said, having seen the damage he dealt to one of Megan’s jewellery boxes, it may have been for the best that he missed this one.

Thank you so much to Meg, Billy and everyone involved for making this such an effortless, gorgeous and fun day!

NB: I just looked up a video of Mr Grylls and he is very a strapping, knowledgable fellow. I have now decided to take this as as a huge compliment.

Venue - Upton Barn

Dress - Accent Bridal Newcastle

Flowers- St Mellion Flowers

Hair - Kate

Make up - Olivia Keetch

Cake - Samantha Davies - Bride’s Sister!

Cellist - Kate Riaz

Accoustic set - Jem Tyler

Band - Shuffle Set

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