Sneak Peek: Benedict & Emily's Festival Wedding! #BEMFEST18

I am always writing about how important I find meaning within elements of a wedding and Saturday was totally full of it. Benedict and Emily essentially held a festival all about their relationship with each other and with their friends/families.

A gorgeous humanist ceremony was held underneath an oak tree on Benedict's family's farm. I could, once again, go on and on about how special and personal I think humanist ceremonies are but if you are planning a wedding just PROMISE ME you will consider it. Emily's entrance to the ceremony was not something you see at every wedding. I will let the GIF do the talking here...

I am pretty sure every one at the wedding noticed my 'slight' infatuation with Henry. Henry is a miniature Dachshund belonging to the couple and I just could not contain my feelings whenever he caught my eye. Even thinking about him now, I am melting inside and I just want to hug him and play with his tiny feets and his big flappy ears and squish his little yet long face into mine!! Sorry, this got weird, I just miss him so much!

There were so many amazing parts to this day; the incredible tipi, THAT DRESS, the dogs, the squeaky horn, the rocket bar, the pipe lounge, the glitter station, the 🔥 on the dance floor, the decor, the fire pits - this list goes on and on. The only thing letting this monumental wedding down was the vegetarian food. JOKING of course, the food was absolutely incredible and I think everyone would agree. - Just realised I stole that joke from one of the speeches but I am sticking by it.

B & Em, thank you once again for having me along at one of the coolest weddings I have had the pleasure of shooting. Hopefully you already understand how I felt about the day judging by my non stop excitement. Thank you also to everyone else that helped me with things and made my day so exceptionally fun, it was genuinely the least stressed I have ever been at a wedding! 

Final note: You want to know what's up with the forest gump shoes? - If you don't know then you won't know.

FYI there are gifs in this post - cool, right? When you get to them (you'll know) they may take a second or two to load!


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