Sneak Peek: Chrissie & Harrison's Wedding at Tunnels Beaches

In Chrissie and Harrison's exceptionally heartfelt vows, they both touched on Harrisons insistence on proper dishwasher stacking technique. This sums up the day: full of love and emotion with laugh always somewhere in-between!

This is the first time I have ever seen a 21 gun salute at a wedding. Ok it was a 4 nerf gun salute but it was still very regal! Chrissie explained to me that Harrison and his brothers had been playing with nerf guns ever since they were young. Apparently on more than one occasion Chrissie has arrived home to find a nerf gun outside and had to battle her way into the house!

There aren't many weddings where I am chasing people about in the sand barefoot but this was exactly the wedding that these two wanted; beach games, amazing views and BBQ vibes! 

Thank you both for having me and for such a fun day, when wedding season calms down I would love to catch up over a surf. Thank you also goes out to all of your guests and the staff at Tunnels, it is rare that I have so many people to say goodbye to when leaving a wedding!

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