Sneak Peek: Charlotte & Alex's Wedding at Kingston Estate

Charlotte told me early in the day that Alex was not only wearing a bowtie, but that he had an 'evening bowtie' to come out when the time was right. I was already super excited to be back at Kingston Estate with such a lovely couple but this tipped me over the edge. 

Alex and Charlotte are a prime example of a couple who are not particularly confident in front of the camera but absolutely should be. I mean seriously, just look at them!

I really, really loved chatting to these two, I am gutted they have recently moved out of Devon as I feel a chinwag over a pint is necessary! For instance: I was really interested in Charlotte's choices in styling the day, there was so much hidden meaning and reasons behind particular elements! With Alex, I have a lot more opinions to express regarding our agreement of how grossly misunderstood sharks are, we really only scratched the surface on this topic and I feel I have a lot to learn.

Thank you Charlotte, Alex and everyone involved for such a gorgeous, amusing day and for being up for all my ridiculous sounding photo ideas! A big thank you also goes out to Marie-Anne, the coordinator at Kingston Estate, for helping me throughout the day and making me laugh wherever possible!

Venue: Kingston Estate

Dress: Isabella Grace

Hair & Makeup: Makeup By Jodie

Band: Blue Lion Band

Props/Photo Booth: Gertie The Photo Bus

Flowers: Charlotte's Auntie did all of the flowers and they looked absolutely fantastic!

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