Sneak Peek: Vix & Ryan's Wedding at Swimbridge Village Hall

Next time you hear someone complain about having to travel for a wedding, know that Vix, Ryan and their two little ones travelled around 10,376 miles for their big day. Although they now live together in Australia, these two had their wedding in Vix's hometown of Swimbridge.

Vix runs a dance school over on the Sunshine coast, hence the white Converse and Ryan runs a martial arts school, hence the dangerously good looks. 

This was such a chilled, fun day and I absolutely loved it. Ryan, Vix, their children and their friends/family were all so welcoming and just outright hilarious! While out in Australia earlier this year I ran out of time to meet these two but I now have another incentive to go back which is getting increasingly tempting!

Huge shout out to Vix's family and friends for helping put this whole wedding together with direction from the other side of the world. It must have been no easy feat!

Venue: Swimbridge Church + Village Hall

Dress - Sphere Collective

Hair - Cath Daggit

Makeup - Maddie Pearce

Party - MGM Sounds

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