Sneak Peek: Laura & Howard's Wedding at Kingston Estate

This may be the toughest slog at making a sneak peek to date. The reason? I didn’t leave Laura and Howard’s big day until past 11pm last night and then today woke up to find I had 8000 photographs to go though!

My first Skype chat with Laura & Howard felt like catching up with old friends; we traded embarrassing stories and the majority of our chat wasn't even particularly related to their big day. It was one of those calls that left me with a massive, excited grin on my face. However, I was left wondering if they really would book me after one particularly embarrassing story I had told. Thankfully, they did and the more we emailed, met up and chatted over the phone, the more it dawned on me that I was now shooting my friends’ wedding. (If you think this is corny, the extended love story between me and this couple is much more so).

The quality of their friends speak volumes about how hilarious, cool and lovely these two are. For starters, if I had accepted even half of the drinks I was offered throughout the day from various thoughtful guests, I would have been out cold. Not only this but I had so many interesting, quality conversations with friends and family alike. That being said, I am not sure whether the ‘flared end’ chat is to be included in these criteria.

The speeches really stood out to me as every single person who got up to speak absolutely nailed it. Now, I have said it before and I will say it again; all brides should consider giving a speech at their wedding. Laura told me she couldn't really imagine not speaking and I really hope more future brides start feeling this way too.

Maybe it is because I have been working on this sneak peek for twelve hours so my eyes have gone square and my brain blank, but reading through this, I realise that I haven’t and can’t even remotely put into words just how much I love this couple and how utterly incredible their day was. Basically, I got to shoot the amazing wedding of two of my friends who, coincidently, I met because they booked me to shoot their wedding.

Laura & Howard - I really cannot wait for you to see these photographs and I cannot wait for our fabled ‘wedding debrief’. However, joking as you may have been, please do not name your first son Sam or anything as boring. If you do, he will be forced to make himself memorable to people by playing on his last name and maybe even using it as his logo. Huge congrats, you two!

Venue - Kingston Estate

Makeup - Hannah Louise Dunne

Hair - Lovely bridesmaid who’s name evades me at this minute, can someone please remind me!

Flowers - (The one and only) Hollyhocks

Photobooth - Yellowbooth

Cake - Howard's Mum!


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