Sneak Peek: Jason & Georgie's Wedding at Greenhill Farm #thiscouldgetmassey

At the weekend I travelled up to Kent to meet the most gorgeous dog in all the land, Hendrick. I may have also been there to shoot Georgie and Jason’s wedding.

Once again, I found myself lucky enough to be shooting a couple that I absolutely loved. Georgie, Jason and their entire entourage were all so incredibly lovely and fun, making my day a true delight. The couple would not stop making sure I was fed, watered and having a good time which was totally unnecessary as I was having more fun than maybe everyone, bar them, from start to finish!

Of course, it is just when you think you have seen it all at weddings that you get to shoot a squad of steam engines rolling about! It wasn’t just the engines though, this day was full of unusual and gorgeous bits and pieces that made it all the more special for this amazing couple. I had been excited about shooting Olive and the gang (the couple and their friends’ engines) since first hearing about them but I was not prepared for how cool they were in the flesh! For starters, they are at least three times bigger than I imagined but more importantly, they smell incredible. This may sound weird but if you have had the pleasure of getting your nostrils near one of these elegant beasts, you will know what I mean.

Everyone, including I, was worried about the ludicrously high winds. However, when I saw the length of the gorgeous dress and veil, I became worried that the wind might go away before I got to make use of it! Luckily though, we managed to secure the goods and then by some miracle, the sun came out and the wind died down, which made for a gorgeous afternoon and evening!

So often I am saying how personal touches make a wedding all that more special and this was no exception. The reception was held at the brides family home where she grew up which means that not only was this the only wedding to ever happen there but the couple got to choose everything to be the way they wanted. Sure this approach is a lot more work than going with a traditional venue but the payoff can be huge, especially in how meaningful it can be. Most importantly though, it means that you can roll right up to the marquee in your massive steam engine (as you do)!

Jason and Georgie, you made every second of my five+ hour drive (each way) worthwhile. From the second I met you both, you were making me smile and getting me even more excited than I already was for the day. The whole thing was both beautiful and hilarious, I really did have a fantastic time.

The only negative to the whole experience is that I while I spent just a couple of hours with Hendrick, I miss him so much that it hurts :(

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