Sneak Peek: Luke & Hannah's Wedding at Higher Eggbeer Farm

Oh. My. Word. Where do I begin?

Hannah and Luke have been my besties since I was born - but obviously that is not true. The truth is, we didn't even manage to fit in a Skype chat before the big day so I had no idea what to expect. But the second I did actually meet them, I was welcomed into their day and their lives in a way that made me feel like I had always been there.

The second I walked into bride prep and saw Hannah’s huge smile I suddenly got even more excited than I already was - I knew I was at risk of encountering a dangerously fun day. It turns out that I was not wrong; Bride prep ended up being not only gorgeous to shoot but absolutely hilarious. Then when I headed over to the church, Luke greeted me with an equally huge smile and after having a brief chat with him I went into excitement overdrive. Now this may have been somewhat down to the insanely sugary Battenberg I had scoffed in the car for mental fuel, but it was mainly due to the amazing, warm, welcoming energy the couple had shown me.

After the gorgeous ceremony, we headed to Higher Eggbeer which is my absolute favourite venue for this type of wedding. The couple had arranged all manner of activities for their guests, which is invariably the best possible kind of carnage to shoot and, of course, they fully got involved. Luke had big chat about his archery prowess but disappointingly, he did actually deliver. I have said it before but I will say it again - We need more drinking games at weddings! A raucous game of flip cup went off and once again, Luke absolutely dominated.

As Hannah put it - anyone in the South West who knows weddings, knows The Swing Kings. Now, the only downside to summer weddings is that the dance floor is often looking a little thin after first dance as people are still outside enjoying the light. However, this was not a problem at this wedding. The dance floor was not only chocca, but absolutely buzzing - this is what happens when a fantastic band and amazing crowd collide!

Hannah and Luke - I am so excited to get you the rest of the pictures as this sneak peek was originally nearly 200 long, halving that number was so tough as I love them all so much (100+ is still not at all sneaky enough)! I honestly cannot find the words to thank you enough for having me as part of your incredible day. I won’t lie, I crashed pretty hard today after going 400% all day yesterday but I would so do it again. I really, really hope you know just how much fun I had, let’s definitely go and embarrass ourselves on surfboards together when we all find a minute spare.

Final note: Hannah, I have no apologies for the photo of Luke cleaning your teeth, it was simply too funny not to include.

Venue - Higher Eggbeer

Videographer - Oli Pestell

Dress - Prudence Gowns

Alterations - Alicia Bevan

Hair - Brigitte Fisher

Makeup - Justine Olver

Flowers - Two guests absolutely nailed these flowers, please can someone comment their names!

Cake - Bride’s Mum!

Band - The Swing Kings

Food - Big Pot Kitchen

VW Campers - Devon Dubs

Archery - Brothers In Arms

The only thing that could have made this day better would have been the presence of the second half of the Dream Team (my favourite videographer). BUT WAIT - the Dream Team was in fact on the scene. Here is a little something from Oliver Pestell.