Sneak Peek: Abby & Ash's Wedding at Bickley Mill

This one hit me all up in the feels. Abby and Ash are one of the loveliest couples I have ever had the pleasure of shooting and their day was absolutely gorgeous. I was also joined by, the one and only, Oli Pestell on video duty to create the official ‘Dream Team’.

The hottest day of the year was no joke, it was absolutely sweltering but that didn’t stop these two from walking up the worlds steepest hill three times for photographs - they were genuinely up for anything we suggested. It is so, so great when a couple fully trust us to capture our vision, this is when the coolest shots happen!

The couple and I had been joking about Cha Cha sliding all day and so when someone requested it, my presence was very much expected. The problem was - I was a fair distance away setting up flashes for the barn shot. This meant I had to narrowly beat Usain Bolts 100m record when I heard the sultry tones of Mr. C The Slide Man come over the sound system. I made it before the first hop and my dream of sending the Cha Cha slide with a couple was finally realised.

It is hard to put in to words how great the day was but Oli and I had a truly amazing time from start to finish. We were both struck by how we felt like we had known the couple for years and how we felt this way almost instantly. This is a testament to how incredibly warm, kind and hilarious these two are. Abby & Ash, thank you SO much, this one really was up there!

Venue - Bickley Mill

Videographer & 1/2 of the dream team - Oli Pestell

Florist and as of the last few weeks, honorary third member of the dream team! - HollyHocks

Dress - Brides At Waterfields, Torquay

Hair - Hair by Ashleigh Beevers

Make Up - Jadeisla makeup

Cake- Me and Mrs Jones Deli

Band - Harbour

DJ- Future Media

And now a little something from the man, the legend, Oli Pestell.

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