Sneak Peek: Cat & Maria's Wedding at Tunnels Beaches

Fwoar, this was one to remember.

Yesterday I quite simply did not stop laughing. Every time I took Cat & Maria off, I must have got about two ‘serious’ photos before they started picking each other up, grabbing each other, climbing up cliffs and running into the sea. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Because one ceremony was not enough, the couple had a sand ceremony afterwards which was both really touching but again, absolutely hilarious. They walked down the aisle (again) straight into their outdoor first dance which was really rather special. Then, the speeches were some of the most riotous and revealing that I have ever heard. I had to genuinely try to compose myself at times to focus on taking photographs. Maria’s sister’s ‘Shave Your Toe’ rendition of “Let It Go’ was next level (and explains the photos of people comparing feet).

While the day truly was amazing, one of my biggest fears was almost realised. Sparklers + drunk guests + brides is a combination that always puts me on edge. Someone accidentally deposited a spark in Cat’s hair but she took it like an absolute hero. Her and Maria’s reaction once again had me in stitches - I really didn’t want to leave.

Thank you Cat, Maria and all of the guests for such an amazing day. Special shout out to James for vaping a lung up for a shot that ultimately did not work out but was hilarious to try!

Venue- Tunnels Beaches

Dresses - Maria- Sassi Holford Cat- Cherry Blossom Bridal

Flowers- Teasels Florists and Cats mum

Hair- Pinned To Perfection

Make up- Isabelle Grace

Cake- Bespoke Baking

Entertainment- Day Pat Mcintyre Evening - The Funky Monks

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