Sneak Peek: Amy & Charlie's Coastal Wedding

Crikey, this one was a real belter - I am still collecting myself from the all of the antics!

I won’t lie, the risk factor regarding the weather for coastal weddings does make me nervous but when it pays off - my goodness does it pay off. But the best bit of this wedding was not the weather, or the beautiful location, or the DISCO BALL(!). It was the couple.

Amy and Charlie are a model bride and groom. I am not talking about the fact that they are a seriously hot couple, I am talking about just how incredibly lovely and how much fun they were. They had such an amazing attitude to the day and soaked up every joyous minute.

In what could be one of my favourite wedding moments ever; I asked Amy & ‘Big Chaz the Money Man’ to come out for one or two final couple shots but a speaker had been cleverly positioned outside and they would not stop dancing. This then spurred guests to come out too, starting a late night outdoor dance sesh.

Late night outdoor dance sesh = serious #WEDDINGGOALS

Amy & Charlie - A colossal thank you for having me, I absolutely loved it. Let me know when you are next coming down to surf!

Venue - Bre Pen Farm

Dress - Mirror Mirror

Hair - Aruba

DJ - Alex Sheridan

Cake - Olivia Llewellyn

Marquee - Absolute Canvas

Sound and Lighting - Audio Source

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