Do You Need A Second Shooter?

To second shooter or not to second shooter

A lot of couples ask me if I think they need a second shooter but it is not such a simple question! There are so many things to consider when deciding if you want a second.

What’s the crack?

A second shooter is a photographer that I hire to shoot the wedding alongside me and assist me when I need.

The main benefits to a second shooter are:

  • A photographer each for prep

  • More moments covered

  • Two angles for the big moments i.e ceremony/speeches/dancing

Wedding Photography Second Shooter

However, there are some less obvious benefits. Every photographer sees things differently so with a second you will get some alternate perspectives which can really add to your final set. Additionally, I can be focusing on getting a particular photograph (i.e group shots) while the second is helping to organise the next shot or photographing something else going on.

Do I need a second shooter?

If you want full groom prep photography as well as bride prep, you will likely need a second shooter. If you are getting ready in the same location I can usually shoot both bride and groom prep in the same morning but obviously the girls take priority! At most weddings I find time to get a few shots of the boys getting ready but at other times it can clash with the crucial stages of bride prep. If the wedding party are getting ready at different locations, I usually say that a second shooter will be essential as I don’t want to risk getting stuck in traffic!

One of my main focuses during the day is getting candid shots of as many of your guests as possible. The more guests you have, the less likely it is that I am going to be able to get round everyone. If you really want to get as many candids as possible then a second shooter is a good shout and definitely recommended for weddings with over 100 guests.

If you want or need a second shooter then it really is great value; you get another wedding photographer for a fraction of the cost. However don’t ever feel the need for one if you don’t meet the criteria above, I have it covered! If you are still unsure, just ask me about it, I am not going to try and up-sell it if not necessary.

To make your evening a little more interesting, why not read this article again and take a drink every time I say "second shooter".

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