Sneak Peek: #KAYOSS - Kayleigh & Ross's Wedding at Exmouth Country Lodge

How do I even begin to describe this day?

Around a year ago, I had the pleasure of shooting Emma & Simon’s wedding. When I found this shot afterwards, I wasn’t sure whether it would offend the (clearly) very shy lass to include it in the set.

Devon Wedding Photographer -1000.jpg

However, a few months later I received an email from Kayleigh saying it was her in the photo and that she and Ross really wanted me to shoot their big day. As a result, I was fairly sure that it would be a pretty fun wedding.

Good lord was I wrong - it was an insanely fun wedding. Kayleigh and Ross totally rewrote the book on how to enjoy your big day.

There were so many absolutely hilarious moments that I can’t even tell you what my favourite part was. That being said, the final couple shoot was probably the most I have laughed at any wedding - how often do you see the bride and the groom both stack it multiple times with huge smiles on their faces?

In true fashion, the day was absolute #Kayoss in the best way imaginable. Kayleigh and Ross, I hope to see you at that fabled ‘loose BBQ’ we discussed. Keep nailing life!

FYI there are gifs in this post - cool, right? By the time you have read the text above, they should have loaded but if not, give them a couple of seconds!

Venue: Exmouth Country Lodge

Dress: La Boutique (Charity)

Flowers: Kelly Lowe

Hair & Make-up: Fusion

Nails: Little Bird Beauty

Cake: Keating's Cakes

Furniture and Props: The Prop Factory

Music: Roger Styles - Absolutely amazing & highly recommended!

Silent disco: Super Silent Discos

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