Sneak Peek: Tia & Ben's Wedding At Nethway Hotel

These two had such a killer attitude to their wedding. Tia told me something along the lines of ‘all we want to do is get married, we aren’t too worried about the rest.’ This is such a great way to feel about the day as you can then just focus on having fun and chatting with your friends/family.

The day was filled with special meaning for the couple. While 13 is unlucky for some, Tia had to have the wedding on Saturday the 13th to match her Grandads wedding date. To also remember her Grandad, we had the couples shoot overlooking Thatcher rock, close to where they used to eat sandwiches and where she scattered his ashes. This was just a few of the little things that added meaning to the day. I really do love when people do this, it makes things just that bit more special.

When there is a third member of the family, and he is only 20 months old, you can bet I am going to take way too many photos of him. Harry, apparently otherwise known as Satan, well and truly stole my heart and I can’t, for a minute, believe he is as misbehaved as I am told! I would also like to thank the couple’s second child for making it along to the wedding. Jeffrey put in a fantastic effort to be at the day and would have been sorely missed otherwise. If you don’t know, Jeffrey is a skin tag on Ben’s wrist. I really hope that at no point did Tyrone turn up.

Thank you both and everyone involved for an outstandingly chilled and fun day. Hopefully it was clear just how much I enjoyed it!

Venue - Nethway Hotel

Flowers - Wild Floral Events

Cake and Wedding Decor - Ben’s Bakes

Sam BoxComment