Sneak Peek: Tom and Fi's Wedding at Farnham Castle #STILLINLOVE2018

I really don't know how to translate my feelings for this wedding into words, but I am going to give it a shot. 

Imagine how you felt on your birthday as a child - that is how I have felt for the last three days. Yes I am super biased because these two are my friends (family seems more appropriate) but this was absolutely my favourite wedding I have ever had the pleasure of attending or shooting. 

EVERYTHING was perfect, there is literally nothing I would have changed. Even the sweltering heat that made my camera harness melt onto my shirt - I wouldn't have even changed that.

To the families and friends - Thank you just isn't enough. I felt like I had known ALL of you for years and it was one great big reunion. You made my job feel like a holiday.

Tom and Fi - You two are so made for each other it is beyond comprehension. You are also two of the nicest people I know and I was so lucky to get to spend those five months with you all that time ago. I lost it editing these photographs. I have been worried for a long time that I wouldn't be good enough to get the shots that I wanted you to have. However, without blowing my own trumpet/mini harmonica too much, I really feel like I have captured your day far far better than I could have possibly hoped to. This is down to you, your friends and families, the staff at Farnham and everyone else involved in making the day so unbelievably great.

I am now slightly concerned that my own wedding may end up being the second best day of my life...

Sidenote: I couldn't post this without mentioning the best mans speech. I have never heard anything quite like it and I know that everyone in that room with me would agree. Not only was it one of the funniest and best delivered but it was outright the most profoundly touching speech I have ever heard. Craskie: you are 100% speaking at my wedding. 

Venue: Farnham Castle - Absolutely incredible place.

Dress - The Farnham Boutique - Seriously stunning dress. 

Flowers - Livvy Cook - Absolutely on point and somehow stayed so despite the heat!

Hair - Tim from Roby Boss - Killed it!

Make up - Kate Causton - Also killed it!

Band - Brand New Groove - Most definitely killed it!

Video: Josh & Josh - Genuinely lovely chaps. 

FYI there are gifs in this post - cool, right? When you get to them (you'll know) they may take a second or two to load!

BONUS GIF/MY FAVOURITE GIF EVER: Tom does his car sales lot inflatable guy dance. 

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