Sneak Peek: Emma & Ryan's Wedding 'Up The Field'

I am a huge advocate for incorporating meaning into your wedding and the couple really nailed this. For starters, Emma got ready with her friends in her childhood home, then at her local church the pillow she knelt on for prayer had her grandmothers name woven into it. Then, the celebrations were moved to a lovely secluded field where Emma grew up riding horses for the reception. 

Ryan famously once impulse purchased a boat. However, luckily this ended up being a good decision as the couple regularly now go out on the water! There were lots of special boating connections incorporated into the day which I thought was such a lovely personal touch. 

There were so many more lovely meaningful elements of the day, too many to list! As weddings are such an important celebration of the two individuals, I find these personal touches so special. 

Congratulations and thank you to the happy couple for such a fun, relaxed and heartwarming day!

Sam BoxComment