Sneak Peek: Sam and Charlotte at Higher Eggbeer Farm

Once again this week I found myself at one of my favourite venues with a lovely couple.

Sam and Charlotte had one priority for the day and that was to have fun. This is exactly what I love to hear from couples as it is the type of wedding I enjoy shooting most! 

Here are a few of my favourite shots of the day. 

Venue: Higher Eggbeer Farm

Hair: Aimi Satterley

Flowers: Charlotte's Mother and the flower factory team!

Cake: The Bride herself!

Catering: Hermanoes Paella

Band: The Tricks

Bonus: It was great to bump into Johnny from Hermanoes Paella again. You've heard of 'Salt Bae'? I bet you haven't heard of Parsley Bae.

Devon Wedding Photographer