Sneak Peek: David & Simone's Wedding at Higher Eggbeer

It is going to be hard to describe David and Simone's wedding with words but I am going to try.

First of all: The couple

Although I had chatted to David and Simone over Skype a few months prior, I was not ready for just how fun they are. All day, they were full of energy and up for anything. To my surprise, after telling me during our Skype chat that they weren't really keen for couple photos, they starting throwing around wild poses that I hadn't even asked for! These two really are a dream couple for a photographer!

Secondly: The day

This was a wedding for the ages. A power wedding. Nothing could have stopped this day, the  energy, the atmosphere and the love was just too much! Higher Eggbeer is one of my all time favourite venues, it sums up everything I love about the Devonshire countryside and is the perfect place to hold a massive party!

Finally: Thank you

David, Simone and friends/family: Oli and I had a truly amazing time and I think you know this! Thank you all for being so kind, friendly and funny, it was genuinely a real privilege to be there.

Venue: Higher Eggbeer Farm

THOSE SHOES: Irregular Choice

Dress: Jenny Packham

Catering: DJ Haggett - Coolest catering name ever...

Bonus: My second shooter and friend, Oli Pestell, is actually a videographer by trade. To convince him to stay late enough so that I could shoot the pool antics, I let him video the couple jumping in. I am glad I did!