Sneak Peek: Laura & Rich's Wedding in Woodbury, Devon

My last wedding of the season certainly did not disappoint!

These two planned this whole wedding in just a few months. Why you ask? Well why wait? This kind of attitude is what I really loved about Laura and Rich, they simply wanted to marry each other and nothing else was as important! As it turned out, the whole day seemed like it had been meticulously planned for years on end which makes these two GODS of wedding planning.

There were so many amazing parts of the the day I could go on about but can we talk about that first dance? For a couple that were allegedly a bit nervous they totally threw themselves into it and had far too much fun. I am actually going to come out and say that Great Balls of Fire could be the greatest first dance song of all time. So good in fact that I am going to embed it below for you to enjoy whilst perusing the rest of this post.

Rich & Laura - Thank you so much for such a hilarious and fun day, huge congrats!


Dress - Pirouette Bridal

Flowers - Peamore Flora

Hair - Radiance Medi Spa

Marquee - Devon Marquees

Canapés and Evening Food - Ashburton Delicatessen

Entertainment - Nick and his boiz!

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