Alex and Steph's Wedding at Upton Barn & Walled Garden - August 2016

Back in August, I was the second shooter for Alex and Steph's wedding at the beautiful Upton Barn & Walled Garden. I was the second shooter for a handful of weddings this year and after seeing how valuable it is, I now offer this option. 
I love second shooting since not only does it give me a chance to pick up the camera on quiet weekends but it also gives me a chance to try out new ideas. The photographer I am working with can often want me to shoot things from a certain position, or may have already covered the angles I would usually go for. This can be very inspiring because it means that I end up shooting differently from how I would normally, opening up new opportunities and possibilities for great shots! 
As the second shooter for Alex and Steph's big day, I photographed the groom preparation while the other photographer focused on bride preparation. There are a few shots that I would normally get that are missing from this set as there were times where I would help the main photographer to get certain shots. I captured hundreds of photographs on the day and it was very tricky to narrow them down to my favourites but I got there eventually!
Congratulations to Steph and Alex, or 'The Lions' as they became known as for their sheer beauty and prowess in front of the cameras!

Sam Box