Charlie & Auggy's Wedding at The Britannia Royal Naval College & Dartmouth Hotel Golf and Country Club

Back in August I travelled down to Dartmouth for Charlie and Auggy's big day. Both of them are in the forces and often have to spend large periods of time apart from each other. This made it all the more special to have all of their friends and family together for the occasion. People travelled from great distances to attend, lots of Auggy's family flew over from France!
I started the day shooting preparation at the Dartmouth Hotel Golf and Country Club. I absolutely loved photographing all of Auggy's Naval uniform, it was all so smart and with intricate detail. When I was getting a shot of his attire laid out on the sofa I found it very fitting to include his phone. This was after discovering that his background was Charlie in Naval dress on her Hen night!
After the boys left to prepare for the ceremony, I headed over the photograph the bride and bridesmaids. Charlie showed only the very subtlest signs of any nerves however you wouldn't had known it through her unwavering, beaming smile! Shortly after the bridesmaids left, Charlie and her fantastic Dad (who kept everything running smoothly and calmly throughout the day) left for the Naval College in a beautiful classic Rover.
Charlie arrived at The Britannia Royal Naval College to find her bridesmaids awaiting her outside the chapel. As she walked down the aisle, Auggy did his best not to look around as a smile crept across his face. This was one of my favourite photos of the day, it shows everything Auggy was feeling in that moment; nerves, excitement and joy. The ceremony was so lovely and was full of smiles. This was made more special by the beauty of the chapel, it is such an impressive space.
After the formal photographs and some fun with bubbles, we then headed back to the Dartmouth Hotel Golf and Country Club where I took the happy couple off for some portraits. We were actually escorted around in golf buggies which was very entertaining! I knew that Charlie and Auggy had a lot of friends and family that they had yet to talk to and didn't want to spend too long on portraits. I took them to a wooded area on the edge of the golf course and we got some of my favourite portraits to date, all in the space of about 15 minutes. 
In the evening, the couple were spectacularly 'bagpiped in' to the reception. After they had sat down, the bagpipes were replaced by a harpist which was, unsurprisingly, much calmer and easier on the eardrums!
After a beautiful first dance, everyone was gathered to the dance floor for a good old fashioned Ceilidh. Despite not being Scottish, after seeing the fun everyone had, I think I may have to have a Ceilidh at my own wedding!
I had such a fantastic day with these two and their guests. I cannot wish Charlie and Auggy a big enough congratulations!

Sam Box