Sneak Peek: Dez & Liz's Wedding at Langdon Court Hotel

The weather did nothing to stop Liz, Dez and all of their guests from having a truly fantastic day. These two said to me what every photographer longs to hear: "We are up for any photographs you want to try and we don't care about the rain!". We rolled with the weather and I am so pleased with the result!

I really did enjoy every minute of the day. The evenings entertainment was like nothing I had ever seen before: pig racing! I also have never before felt quite as Devonshire as I did when I became totally captivated by this hilarious spectacle.

This was my first time shooting at Langdon Court and I fell in love with it, I am such a fan of country house weddings. 

Dez, Liz & Morgan - A sincere thank you. You know just how much I enjoyed myself, I would honestly go back and do it all again! It was so hard to narrow down the photographs, there are going to be so many coming your way!

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