Last Minute Reminders - Things You May Forget!

You have planned everything you can think of, but there are some things you can only know the importance of after shooting weddings most weekends!


When you are getting ready in the morning can be the most nerve-racking time of the whole day. Silence only makes this worse! Having even just a small portable speaker and a playlist downloaded can make things so much more comfortable. Pro tip: if you forget a speaker, get the radio on even if it’s through the TV!

Dress Hanger

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This one definitely matters more to some people than others but having a nice hanger for your dress can make all the difference to photographs. You don’t have to have anything overly fancy but just a wooden hanger looks a hundred times better than a plastic one.


You don’t want to tempt fate but you don’t want to get wet either. If the forecast says perfect sunshine all week - bring one or two anyway. If the forecast is at all dubious, pick up some cheap, clear umbrellas. They will keep you dry and actually look quite nice in photographs! Clear ones are perfect as they let lots of light in and don’t cast any odd colours onto you if we were to use them for group shots or portraits.

Change of shoes

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Once again, this one is not for everyone but can be a lifesaver! Whether you want something better to dance in or don’t want to wear your wedding shoes if we are going on a bit of an adventure for photographs, a spare pair are definitely worth bringing. You may think your shoes are super comfortable but after strutting around in them talking to people all day, your feet may feel a bit worse for wear towards the end.


This one may be obvious to some but a lot of people expect guests to bring their own. While you can guarantee that a couple of aunts will have little boxes, the likelihood is that there won’t be nearly enough to go round. Ask your florist about this and find out what kind of confetti you venue allows.

Wet Wipes

Wedding dresses are very white. Not many other things are. You never know what might happen so get on the safe side and be prepared! I can’t count how many times I have seen brides spill something or have something spilled on them - you can’t help it if you are having a good time! Wet wipes work miracles on wedding dresses - give them to someone with a bag so that they can be on hand whenever you need them!

Veil Practice

If you have a veil, particularly a long one, it is definitely worth practicing putting it back in. Wind, grooms and head banging are just a few of the reasons your veil may come out. Even the most secure veils are likely to accidentally come out at some point in the day so it’s worth knowing how to get it back in. Pro tip: train a bridesmaid in the art of installing the veil as they will likely be around to learn from the hairdresser in the morning.

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I will add to this list as I think of more things. Every bride is different so think about what you personally may need on the day!

Sam Box