Jenny & Steady - a rather unconventional couple shoot!

When it comes to posing for photographs, few couples want to do it and even less know how to do it. This is something that is really important to understand as a wedding photographer.

I may set couples up in a pose that I feel suits them but it is what they do from there that makes it their own. Capturing the natural dynamic between a couple is what I am always aiming to achieve and as you will see, it was not hard to do with these two! 

Shooting Jenny & Steady was so much fun, never before have I seen a couple put so much energy and creativity put into a shoot. We spent a couple of hours in Byron Bay is this is what happened!

NB - For one of the final photographs, I jokingly asked them to do a 'dip'. What followed, as you will see, was one of the most intense dips of all time. 

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Sam Box