Sneak Peek: Katie & Adam's Wedding at Canonteign Falls

Here is a small preview from Katie and Adam's big day on Saturday. There are so many fantastic things that I could say about the day but I feel compelled to tell the story of the dress.

Katie ordered material from China and her mum did an incredible job of creating a stunning dress out of it. However, things were not that simple. The shipping of the material was delayed and so Katie's childhood bedroom had to be converted into 'the sweatshop' where Ingrid worked relentlessly to try and get the dress finished in time! It was not until the final hours before the ceremony that she was able to put the finishing touches on the dress. 

Katie looked absolutely beautiful in her gorgeous, one of a kind dress. Ingrid you did an absolutely incredible job and you are truly an inspiration to me in times of stress!

Here are some of my favourite shots of the day. Katie and Adam - you know how much fun I had so I don't need to tell you but thank you once again!

Sam Box