Couple Shoot: Tom & Fi - A Divine Devonshire Day Out!

Once upon a seemingly long time ago, I met Tom & Fi all the way over in Japan. It was during one of my first conversations with Tom that he proudly told me about recently becoming engaged to the beautiful Fi, whom I had also just met. Despite knowing the pair for all of a few days, I knew that I had to be the one to shoot this wedding. They are so lovely and way too much fun - anyone who has met them, even for a minute, would agree. I therefore informed them I was shooting their wedding and didn't give them much choice! 

After discovering that Thomas the Tank Engine and Princess Fiona (don't ask) were passing through Devon today, I arranged a trip to one of my favourite spots on Dartmoor. Wistmans Wood is a ancient, moss covered, Oak forest with a carpet of granite boulders. If you haven't been - go. It is a really special place.

Its safe to say that not only did we catch up and get some cool shots but a seriously amusing time was had. The wedding is truly going to be all manner of fun!

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