Sneak Peek: Tania & Antony's Wedding at Muddifords Court

Earlier this year I was travelling in India when I received an inquiry from Tania. From then on, whenever I had a long bus journey (which was often) we would chat about the wedding stuff, travels and pretty much anything that came to mind! Fast forward eight months and here we are.

Usually I have to hold back from asking couples too often if I can take them off for a couple of shots but Tania & Antony kept asking me if we could go off, what a dream! We had so much fun each time, I could have shot them all day but made sure to get them back to their guests in a (semi) timely manner!

Big thanks to the weather for not being as biblical as some forecasts had threatened, as you will see we even managed to soak up a tiny bit of vitamin D! Also big thanks to Muddifords court & Big Pot Kitchen for looking after me. Finally, thank you SO much to Tania & Antony for such a fun day and for trusting my visions even when they sound a bit ridiculous!